Pistons and piston crowns

Your purchasing decision for pistons or piston crowns is made only by your faith in the experience, quality and reliability of your supplier?

Today, SECO is able to offer more than 100 different piston-types to their customers. Our sole benchmark is our customers satisfaction and faith into our products. However, customers faith must be earned and preserved by accuracy and a continuous quality performance. To ensure this, as f.e. we only use materials whose particular mechanical properties will afford additional safeness to our parts, in excess of the otherwise used standard materials.

You have a problem with premature abrasion on piston crowns, caused by the fuel quality ?

By using a patented treatment method, we are able to offer our customers piston crowns whose operation-time is clearly improved in comparison against common standard versions.

Quality - Made in Germany

Piston for diesel engine made by SECO

Quality and reliability you take for granted?

Same goes for us....

The material quality of each piston an piston crown will be checked by 100% before shipment.

For this, various test methods a.f.e. magnetic powder or ultrasonic tests are applied.

Finally and in accordance with the different engine specifications the assembling and leak-test will be carried out.

Precision and accuracy for sure by using the most modern CNC technology. For each unique piston.

Piston quality