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Spare parts for powerplant- and marine Diesel engines

Caterpillar, Deutz, Mirrlees Blackstone...and others

For the following engine types we produce and stock suitable pistons only. Availability of suitable cylinder liners on request.

  • ABC              -DXC
  • Caterpillar   -3600 Series
  • Deutz           -KHD/MWM 528A, 540/640, 628, BVM628
  • Mirrlees       -E-Series
  • MTU             -362
  • Nohab          -25
  • Ruston         -Mark II, Mark III
  • Stork            -SWD TM410, SWD TM410A

Hyundai Himsen

The most common suitable spare parts are available ex stock:

  • Himsen 21/32
  • Himsen 25/33


The most common suitable spare parts are available ex stock:

  • MAN 16/24
  • MAN 23/30
  • MAN 23/30H
  • MAN 23/30A-K
  • MAN 27/38
  • MAN 28/32H
  • MAN 28/32S
  • MAN 30/45 (piston only)
  • MAN 32/40
  • MAN 32/40CD
  • MAN 48/60A
  • MAN 48/60B
  • MAN 48/60TS

MBH - Maschinenbau Halberstadt

For the following engine types we produce and stock pistons only. Availability of cylinder liners on request.

  • MBH VD 48/42
  • MBH VDG 48/42
  • MBH VDG 42/48 AL-2


For the following engine types we produce and stock pistons and cylinderliner only. Availability of cylinder liners on request.

  • Pielstick PA4
  • Pielstick PC2.2
  • Pielstick PC2.5
  • Pielstick PC2.6


For the following engine types we produce and stock pistons only. Availability of cylinder liners on request.

  • SKL NVD18/16
  • SKL NVD24/24 AL-1
  • SKL NVD26.2
  • SKL NVD26-2(A)
  • SKL NVD26A2
  • SKL NVD26/20 AL-1
  • SKL NVD26/20 AL-2
  • SKL NVD29/24 AL-1
  • SKL NVD29/24AL-2
  • SKL NVD29/24 AL-3
  • SKL NVD36.1
  • SKL NVD36/24-1
  • SKL NVD36/24 A-1
  • SKL NVD36/24
  • SKL NVD48
  • SKL NVD48.0
  • SKL NVD48U
  • SKL NVD48-2
  • SKL NVD48-2U
  • SKL NVD48A
  • SKL NVD48A-2
  • SKL NVD48A2
  • SKL NVD48A-2/3(S)


For the following engine types we produce and stock suitable pistons only. Availability of suitable cylinder liners on request.

  • Sulzer A20H
  • Sulzer AS/AT25/30
  • Sulzer ASL25/30
  • Sulzer S20
  • Sulzer S20U
  • Sulzer ZA40S
  • Sulzer Z40/48

MaK, Wärtsilä

Customers with Wärtsilä or MaK engines are kindly requested to contact our sister company MMS - Marine Motor Service GmbH in Wenzendorf, Germany.

Technical support - condition monitoring of Power Plant- and Marine Diesel Engines

13.06.2017 - Part 9 is in preparation - Cylinder Liner
13.06.2017 - Part 8 is online - Crank Shaft
13.04.2017 - Part 7 is online - Connecting Rod

02.03.2017 - Part 6 is online - Piston Pins
05.01.2017 - Part 5 is online - Piston Rings

08.12.2016 - Part 4 is online - Pistons

20.10.2016 - Part 3 is online - The Indicatordiagram
16.09.2016 - Part 2 is online - Instruments and procedures
10.08.2016 - Part 1 is online - Indroduction

The data obtained, by following our recommendations can be used to introduce systematic and preventive maintenance procedures at your engine. Read more ...

SECO - The Engine People

SECO Employees 231x96 2With more than 50 years of experience in developing and producing pistons up to 500 mm in diameter, SECO is looking back upon an exeptional long tradition in the manufacturing of spare parts for powerplant- and marine Diesel engines, like f.e. pistons and cylinder liners.

After the German reunification in 1990, several engine manufacturers and their licensees approved SECO as an OEM supplier. Since 2005, we have extended our range of products and services substantially. This also includes the production of cylinder liners, connecting rods, valve seat rings and many more engine spare parts.

In addition, we are able to offer a wide selection of high-quality spares such as valves, rotocaps, plunger & barrels, injection nozzles, filters and gaskets.

Made in Germany


Services for powerplant- and marine Diesel engines

picture-diesel-engine-serviceDo you require manpower support for scheduled overhauls or engine repair performed by qualified and experienced personell ?

Are you planning to increase the efficiency of your power plant by checking out all cost saving potentials regarding fuel- and lube oil consumption or expensive spare parts?

Exact this is the service we can provide you.

It will be our pleasure to submit our offer for the deployment of our experts at your site. It will take us a maximim of 5 working days at your site to provide with a complete review on your fuel consumption, your tank farm design and a concluding introduction on all our assistance in research.


SECO - Spare parts suitable for MAN B&W, Himsen, MaK and Wärtsilä power plant and marine diesel engines

Experience report – Reduction of spare part costs through the use of our WearResist® piston crowns for MAN B&W marine diesel engines of the series MAN 27/38, MAN 32/40 and MAN 48/60

Today, in our globalized world, the procurement of spare parts for MAN power plant- or marine diesel engines is not a problem anymore. Just fed the search engine with the right keywords and in seconds an almost barely manageable range of various vendors from around the world is presented.

Starting with the engine manufacturers themselves, to the well-known and successfully established traders, the search engine also lists other supply sources as well in quick order. Scrap yards from India up to Asian online-traders are offering all of what you are looking for. From an O-ring via the piston and up to the crankshaft, everything that your heard desires is listed. Cheap and of course in the highest quality! ... that at least is what those suppliers are claiming. Conveniently, sometimes also pictures are provided together with the offered products. You all know these pictures: in a dark and untrustworthy looking warehouse there is a lost, half unpacked piston which is looking sadly to its observer. If you are lucky, and the resolution of the picture is high enough you can zoom into the piston pin bore... as it already looks strange without zoom.

Here, the qualified observer now sees a piston pin bore in which the cutting tool apparently resigned during the finishing process. Massive and non overlookable chatter marks over the entire visible surface of the bore. By drifting the sarcasm a little further at this point, we could highlight one of the advantages of this high-quality “Alibaba-piston”: This piston does not need locking rings to keep the piston pin in position. Once lammed into the pin bore, the piston pin is fixed for eternity. In other words: trash.

Unfortunately, the Internet doesn’t make it always that simple for our customers to make their purchase decision. Foresight and patience are required. Depending on the spare part it will take a long time until customers’ decision can be proven as right or wrong....
But precisely this patience and foresight a customer should have when buying piston crowns. Only after a couple of years in engine operation our customers will get the conformation of what we have promised at the beginning:

A considerable reduction of spare parts costs by using our WearResist® piston crowns.

SECO has been producing and supplying piston crowns in WearResist® Quality, useable for operation in MAN B&W marine diesel engines,quality since 2009. Thus, long enough to prove that the lifetime of our piston crowns is much longer, compared with the piston crowns of our competitors.

A good example therefore are our WearResist® piston crowns suitable for the MAN 27/38 engine. The wear limit for the 1st piston ring groove is specified by the engine manufacturer with 6,42 mm. Our former experience with this piston type shows that - depending on the plant conditions - the standard pistons that can be achieved on the market, usually reach this wear limit after 15.000h. Unsurprisingly cheap piston crowns - made in Asia -  are exceeding the wear limit already at 10.000h. 

Below an example from our daily practice:
End of March 2016 one of our customers send us cylinder heads, cylinder liners, connecting rods and the pistons of a MAN 27/38 engine for reconditioning. This shipment consists of 3 WearResist® piston crowns supplied by SECO and 5 piston crowns from foreign competitors. Running hours of the pistons: approx. 15.000h.

The decisive factor in the evaluation of a used piston crown for the MAN 27/38 is almost exclusively the wear of the 1st piston ring groove. If the wear limit of this groove, which is predetermined by the engine manufacturer with 6,42 mm is already reached or exceeded, it doesn’t help even though the 2nd ,3rd and 4th groove are still and clearly within the wear limit; which is usually the case.

The following table summarizes briefly the criteria which are crucial for the further use of the crown of this piston type:

basis of calculationwith of groove at
returned pistons
%-usage of
wear range
wear after
15.000 running hours
piston crown 1 SECO WearResist® 6,27 - 6,28 mm 36 % 0,085 mm
piston crown 2 SECO WearResist® 6,26 - 6,29 mm 38 % 0,090 mm
piston crown 3 SECO WearResist® 6,26 - 6,28 mm 36 % 0,085 mm
piston crown 4- 8, foreign competitor 6,60 - 6,80 mm 219 % 0,515 mm

The above table shows very clearly the customers’ primary advantage by using our WearResist® piston crowns. Taking into account the secondary benefits, the following overall picture is shown:

  • reduction of spare part costs
  • less piston ring damages
  • reduced lub oil consumption
  • less wear on cylinder liners

In this case, the pistons that we received for reconditioning, could be returned again to our customer with our WearResist® piston crowns still assembled. Thus, no additional costs for our customer. However, the pistons with the asian crowns had to be disassembled, the crowns scrapped and replaced by new piston crowns from SECO. Certainly, we do not offer those advantages only to the owners of MAN B&W engines; we produce and supply suitable WearResist® piston crowns also to customers with Himsen H17/28, Himsen 21/32 and Himsen 25/33 engines. Together with our sister company Marine Motor Service GmbH, we also offer our WearResist® piston crowns for MaK and Wärtsilä engines.

Trust our expertise as a manufacturer of high-quality engine spare parts. Give us a chance to convince you about the quality of our products and services. For MAN and Himsen engines we will be pleased to provide you with a corresponding offer for the following services:

  • reconditioning of cylinder heads
  • reconditioning of cylinder liner
  • reconditioning of conrods
  • reconditioning of fuel injection pumps

Give us a call......

I wish you a nice and successful day!

Jan Michael Rentsch