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Due to our extensive experience, SECO is able to newly develop components based of given boundary conditions. The basis for these processes is our design- and development department.

Intense calculations on the resistance and durability of our products guarantee maximum safety and reliability. Quality assurance is carried out using complex and advanced calculation methods.

 Only if all calculations, simulations and test runs for the respective diesel, gas or heavy fuel oil engines have been completed successfully, our products will be released.

Product design

Stress distribution of a piston skirt resulting from piston secondary motion

Due to the progressive development, the components of modern four-stroke engines are operated with more capacity. The reasons for this are rising ignition- and effective mean pressures, as well as the legal requirements on air pollution control.

As a consequence, the demands on the optimization of weight and durability, especially with moving parts, are increasing. The focus is the improvement of the thermal balance, the friction reduction and the increase on deformation stiffiness. Reliability and operational safety are to be ensured within all conditions. To reveal existing optimization potential, components made by SECO are thoroughly analysed and evaluated in material, geometry and structural mechanics. Only with satisfactory results, the components are released for production. Our own development department is responsible for all these processes.


Component testing

Experimental setup for investigation of stresses of a nitrided piston pin

Component testing is another important part of the development process. It can either be carried on scaled models or on the original component. We are able to test components under laboratory conditions using the latest analytical technology supported by external partners. The design of experiment (DoE) as well as the final evaluation are performed by SECO. As a result, conclusions of the real application can be drawn. To predict the service life as well as the functional and operational reliability, this is of particular importance.


Failure Analysis

Damaged connecting rod due to liquid slugging

Our experienced development team is providing with failure analysis. Micro- and macroscopic investigations are used to determine the cause of damage with regard on the operating conditions. If required, numerical calculation models are used to support the failure analysis. Being of utmost importance to us, we will involve the client in the analysis process.