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Cylinder heads - Reconditioning of components for power plant and marine diesel engines

Cylinder heads - overhaul, repair and reconditioning in accordance to the manufacturer

Zylinderkopf im Anlieferungszustand
Cylinder head before reconditioning
Zylinderkopf nach der Überholung
Cylinder head after reconditioning

The professional overhaul of cylinder heads on board - but also in the power plant – is very difficult if not impossible.

At the latest, when the cylinder head seats for the valve seat rings must be milled on oversize circular, the necessary technical equipment is simply not available. Since there is also no use, even if you on foresight equipped yourself with oversized seat rings. In doubt, these seat rings are not useable for anyhow, because they have not the required oversize.

But how does a solution for this problem looks like by taking also in account the increasing cost pressure of today’s shipping companies?

Our approach at this point is to work with a solution that is called SwingSet.

In most cases, shipping companies does not have just one vessel. They have a small or even large fleet of identical or at least partial identical vessels. Vessels that have identical auxiliary engines in operation and therefore also have the same requirements for identical spares and the same maintenance cycles.

And this is where SECO comes through with its SwingSet-solution.

Initially we equip our clients - depending on their budget - either with a complete new or - if available at us - with a full reconditioned set of cylinder heads. These are supplied - ready for installation - on board and can be mounted immediately. The used once we take at the same time and return them into our workshop. Here, in our workshop, the professional overhaul of all components will be carried out. At the end of this process a full reconditioned cylinder head is available again for our customer.

It should be noted here that all components - as long as they need to be replaced – are - Made in Germany - and continuously stored by us.

And what about the cost control and cost transparency?

With us, the customer decides on the scope of services and the resulting costs. Initially each used cylinder head will be completely disassembled, cleaned and shot blasted. Each individual component will be tested and reviewed by our experts. The result of this review we present our customer and he decides on the desired scope.

Sounds interesting for you? We would be glad to quote your requirement...just ask us.


Reconditioning of cylinder heads suitable for:
  • MAN 16/24
  • MAN 23/30H
  • MAN 23/30A-K
  • MAN 27/38
  • MAN 28/32H
  • MAN 28/32S
  • MAN 32/40
  • MAN 32/40CD
  • MAN 48/60A
  • MAN 48/60B

Hyundai Himsen

Reconditioning of cylinder heads suitable for:
  • Himsen 21/32
  • Himsen 25/33


For more information please visit the website of our sister company MMS

Marine Motor Service GmbH

Reconditioning of cylinder heads suitable for:

  • MaK M20
  • MaK M25
  • MaK M32
  • MaK M43
  • MaK M331
  • MaK M332
  • MaK M451AK
  • MaK M452AK
  • MaK M453AK
  • MaK M453C
  • MaK M551AK
  • MaK M552AK
  • MaK M552C


For more information please visit the website of our sister company MMS

Marine Motor Service GmbH

Reconditioning of cylinder heads suitable for:

  • Wärtsilä VASA32
  • Wärtsilä W32
  • Wärtsilä W34SG
  • Wärtsilä W34DF
  • Wärtsilä W38A
  • Wärtsilä W46A
  • Wärtsilä W46B
  • Wärtsilä W46C
  • Wärtsilä W46D
  • Wärtsilä W46GD