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Cylinderliner for power plant- and marine diesel engines

MAN B&W - Hyundai Himsen - SKL - Pielstick - Sulzer - MaK - Wartsila


To increase the lifetime of this - partially cost intensive - engine component substantially and to reduce our customers´expenses for spare parts effectively, SECO - in cooperation with its sister company MMS - has developed a new generation of cylinder liners.

Especially for engines, operated with high viscous HFO qualities in power plant operation, a significant lifespan extension of this spare part will be realized by using our WearResist® -cylinder liners. References from our customers prove an extension of the lifespan from 2 up to 4 times.

And, as an additional service to our customers, we will be pleased to submit our offer for a professional reconditioning and inspection of used cylinder liners in accordance with engine manufacturers specification.

Made in Germany


Spare parts for:
  • MAN L23/30H
  • MAN L23/30A-K
  • MAN L27/38
  • MAN L28/32H
  • MAN V28/32H
  • MAN V28/32S
  • MAN L32/40
  • MAN V32/40
  • MAN L32/40CD
  • MAN V32/40CD
  • MAN L48/60A
  • MAN V48/60A
  • MAN L48/60B
  • MAN V48/60B

Hyundai Himsen

Spare parts for:
  • Himsen H21/32
  • Himsen H25/33


Spare parts for:
  • SKL NVD48
  • SKL NVD48.2


Spare parts for:
  • Pielstick PC2
  • Pielstick PC2.5
  • Pielstick PC2.6


Spare parts for:
  • Sulzer ZA40S
  • Sulzer Z40/48


For more information please visit the website of our sister
company MMS

Marine Motor Service GmbH

Spare parts for:
  • MaK M20
  • MaK M25
  • MaK M32
  • MaK M43
  • MaK M331
  • MaK M332
  • MaK M451AK
  • MaK M452AK
  • MaK M453AK
  • MaK M551AK
  • MaK M552AK
  • Caterpillar CAT3600 Serie


For more information please visit the website of our sister
company MMS

Marine Motor Service GmbH

Spare parts for:
  • Wartsila VASA32
  • Wartsila W32
  • Wartsila W34SG
  • Wartsila W34DF
  • Wartsila W38A
  • Wartsila W46A
  • Wartsila W46B
  • Wartsila W46C
  • Wartsila W46D
  • Wartsila W46GD
  • Wartsila W50DF
  • Wartsila W50SG

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