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Sealings and gaskets suitable for power plant- and marine diesel engines

MAN B&W - Hyundai Himsen - MaK - Wartsila


Our comprehensive range of sealings and gaskets comprises all standard materials and dimensions. We supply with carefully analyzed and tailormade products made by German manufacturers only.

No matter what is the quantity or the type: O-ring, flat seals, cylinder head gaskest or shaft seals – they all will be provided in accordance to the original manufacturers quality or even above to extend the lifetime.

Made in Germany


Spare parts suitable for:
  • MAN 16/24
  • MAN 23/30
  • MAN 23/30H
  • MAN 23/30A-K
  • MAN 27/38
  • MAN 28/32H
  • MAN 28/32S
  • MAN 32/40
  • MAN 32/40CD
  • MAN 48/60A
  • MAN 48/60B
  • MAN 48/60TS

Hyundai Himsen

Spare parts suitable for:
  • Himsen 21/32
  • Himsen 25/33


For more information please visit the website of our sister
company MMS

Marine Motor Serevice GmbH

Spare parts suitable for:
  • MaK M20
  • MaK M25
  • MaK M32
  • MaK M43
  • MaK M281
  • MaK M282
  • MaK M331
  • MaK M332
  • MaK M451AK
  • MaK M452AK
  • MaK M453AK
  • MaK M551AK
  • MaK M552AK


For more information please visit the website of our sister
company MMS

Marine Motor Service GmbH

Spare parts suitable for:
  • Wärtsilä VASA32
  • Wärtsilä W32
  • Wärtsilä W38A
  • Wärtsilä W46A
  • Wärtsilä W46B
  • Wärtsilä W46C
  • Wärtsilä W46D
  • Wärtsilä W46GD
  • Wärtsilä W50DF
  • Wärtsilä W50SG