Spare parts suitable for fuel- and luboil separators

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The technical availability of an engine system in power plant or marine diesel operation is always calculated as the sum of the availabilities of all auxiliaries and main aggregates.

Somehow, this brief introduction is like a tenent in many technical guides for engine technology ... and this for good reason.
The engine as the main unit can be maintained quite well however, without well maintained separators for fuel and luboil, the engine will never reach its optimum performance.

All too often, the separators are underestimated in their importance for an optimal combustion process in the engine, and consequently neglected. In addition, a well-maintained separator also reduces the wear of engine spare parts and it slows down the luboil aging throughout the complete engine system. Compared with a living organism the separators can be described as "the kidneys" of an engine plant.

Now honestly, do you give "your kidneys" the attention they deserve? In the procurement of high-quality spare parts for your separators, we are glad to assist you. Please contact us.

Alfa Laval

Separator spare parts suitable for series:
  • MAB 102...MAB 209
  • MIB 303
  • MMB 203...MMB 305
  • MAPX 204...MAPX 313
  • MOPX 205...MOPX 310
  • WHPX 405...WHPX 513
  • FOPX 605...FOPX 616
  • LOPX 705...LOPX 713
  • MMPX 303...MMPX 404
  • MFPX 307
  • MSPX 307
  • BWPX 307
  • PU/PA 100...PU/PA 635
  • S 200...S 886
  • SA 200...SA 886
  • SU 200...SU 886


Separator spare parts suitable for series:
  • Thousand Series
  • Excellent Series
  • Future Series
  • GeniusSeries


Separator spare parts suitable for series:
  • OTA 2...OTA 14
  • OTB 1...OTB 18
  • OTC 2 & OTC 3
  • OSA 5...OSA 20
  • OSB 30 & OSB 35
  • OSC 4...OSC 50
  • OSD 2...OSD 60
  • WSC 5 & WSC 25